Anastasia Abakumova: CV


I was born in the city of Novocherkassk in 1990.

1990, Sep

School years

I had been studying in the school for 10 years. Last 2 years we spent in special medical class, so we studied additional subjects like anatomy, nursing and so on. Also we had wonderful informatics teacher who taught us programming (using Pascal, Delphi), construction of flowcharts and algorithms. My final exam of informatics was Delphi project for matrix addition and multiplication. And, yeah, I thought it was so complicated -)

Check it out 1997, Sep


My speciality is Software and Administration of Information Systems in Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI). During education I made a plenty of labworks, courseworks and reports.

See entire list 2007, Sep

First website

In 2009 I decided to start my own website. It was just a bunch of html/css but I liked it a lot. Now it looks more fancy.

Visit 2009, Nov

First workplace (VNIKO)

I started my work as an engineer of the Mathematical and Software Department in VNIKO, LLC. We had a lot of tasks related to mathematics and informatics. We created some programs using C# and MSSQL Server.

Also I participated in development of application that has Russian state registration:

  • Nadtoka I.I., Kornyukova O.A., Andreev D.S., Gorbachev V.V., Kozaeva A.G., Kupriyanova M.A., Poddubskaya S.S. Building Energy Passport. Reestr programm dlya EVM[Computer Programs Register], 2012, no. 2011619681.

2011, Mar

Technical articles

During my education I took part in writing articles for scientific journals. Some of them are available in printed form:

  • Gavrikov M.M., Kozaeva A.G. Algorithm for constructing an analytical description of the speech signal spectrum. Studencheskaya nauchnaya vesna[Students scientific spring], 2012, pp. 18-19. (in Russian)
  • Blagin A.V., Kozaeva A.G., Sakharov V.V., Sakharova Yu.V., Pukhlova A.A., Yufanova A.L. Entropy analysis of engineering systems with split-level organization. Izvestia vysshyh uchebnyh zavedenij. Severo-kavkazskij region[News of Higher Schools. North-Caucasus region], 2015, no. 4, pp. 26-32. (in Russian)
  • Blagin A.V., Blagin V.A., Kozaeva A.G. The principles of controlled exposure in semiconductor materials science of low-dimensional systems.

2012, May


In 2012 I created my GitHub account. At first I used it to store my labworks. But then I started to participate in open-source projects.

View GitHub account 2012, May


My thesis was related to sound recognition and was named "Software for Library of Phonetic Portraits for Voice Command Interpreter."

2012, Jun

Second workplace (ProgForce)

ProgForce is my previous workplace. I worked as software engineer there with such technologies:

  • Drupal CMS, October CMS
  • jQuery, ReactJs
  • Browserify, Grunt, Gulp
  • MySQL

ProgForce 2012, Aug


One of my first projects with Drupal was Clctin. It is a free service for collectors, allowing them to show their collections, trade, share information and meet other collectors.

Clctin 2013, May


Habrahabr is a site that has a lot of useful information for programmers and geeks. I started my story with Habrahabr as a read-only user. Soon I had written an article about Drupal custom subscriptions module.

Habrahabr profile 2013, Nov

Redmine Charts

Redmine Charts is a project of mine for visualization statistics from Redmine service. This web application extends ProgForce Redmine with following charts: overall issues, issues per month, today issues and user's progress. Using these charts my coworkers could easily track their team's progress and estimate the work done. These technologies were used:

  • AngularJS
  • Express
  • Moment.js
  • Highcharts
  • Lodash

See GitHub page 2014, Sep

Elaborate Charts

I made only frontend for Perlence's stunning project. This site helps you to display and visualize account info.

Sacret19 chart 2014, Nov


I started to learn React in the summer of 2015. At first it felt so strange for me to combine HTML and JS in one file. But soon I understood the benefits of such approach. It really helps you to keep all the logic and appearance of current component in one particular file. Also React has such strong community!

2015, Aug


Medium is very useful for developers because it allows to easily share their knowledge and/or experience. The better part of my articles are Russian translations of Lin Clark's technical Code Cartoons (Flux, Redux, and Relay). Furthermore, I have articles about space and travel. Check them out!

Medium page 2015, Oct


The beloved project of mine that started from the problem of finding some GitHub repo (your own or starred) when you forgot its title. It is kinda tricky, yay! But what about adding tags to repos for easy and fast search? Using you will have ability to set tags for your own repos, forks, or repositories where you participate as a collaborator and even starred repos! It was built using:

  • React
  • Reflux
  • Firebase
  • Superagent
  • Bootstrap and so on 2015, Dec


We have strong developer communities in Rostov region, Russia. The most popular are located in Rostov and Taganrog. They have plenty of annual meetups and confs. My home town is smaller and we have less IT companies, but it was enough to create our own IT club.

it.novocherkassk 2016, Apr


Mail.Ru Group hold a contest named 'IT-princess'. The rules of engagement were pretty clear: you can take part if you are a girl/woman who works in Information Technologies. After open voting I was in top-10 of IT-girls. And suddenly the jury chose me a winner. Hurray! I was so impressed. They gave me a real winner's cub, many gifts and the grand prize — 100K rubles for education, which I chose to spend on drawing courses.

Top-3 2016, Apr

Third workplace (Distillery)

Distillery was one of my workplaces. I have been working as a frontend web developer there with these technologies:

  • AngularJs, ReactJs
  • Browserify, Grunt, Gulp

Distillery 2016, Jul

Fourth workplace (Rambler)

Rambler (a good company!) is my current workplace. My responsibilities are related to frontend web development:

  • ReactJs, Redux
  • Webpack

Rambler 2016, Dec